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Quantai Plastic Machinery supplies Plastic Granulator, Film granulator,Plastic granulating machine,Plastic recycling machinery, Plastic washing line,Plastic pelletizing machine

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About us

Our company is specialized in manufacturing plastic recycling granulating machines and related auxiliary equipments.
Based on more than 16 years experience and constant efforts in this field, we have gained much experience and professional technology on the solutions from technical design to extrusion manufacturing.
QUANTAI supplies plastic washing line, plastic granulator, plastic pelletizing machine, film granulator, plastic recycling machinery and plastic granulating machine.
We are expecting the cooperation with you!

QUANTAI Machinery supplies Plastic Granulator, Film Granulator, Plastic Granulating Machine, Plastic Recycling Machinery, Plastic Washing Line, Plastic Pelletizing Machine.
QUANTAI cares most about the high quality, excellent delivery schedules, fast service and competitive prices for our customers. Learning from Europe and Upgrading from customers’ feedback and good suggestion after using our machines, making QUANTAI machines becoming more and more Advanced and User-friendly.

QUANTAI MACHINERY mainly manufacturers various of plastic recycling and granulating machines. For example, PE/PP film/bag/raffia/multifilament recycling and granulating machine, highly printed BOPP film/Metallized film recycling and pelletizing machine, Crushed film scraps Force Feed Pelletizing Line, HDPE/PP flakes/regrind granulating machine, ABS/PS/PC sheets/rigid pelletizing machine, Plastic Compounding/Masterbatch Extrusion Line, Laboratory Extruder, Single Screw Extruder, Twin Screw Extruder. And, Agricultural film Crushing and Washing Line, PE/PP film/bag Recycling Machine, PP Jumbo bags/Raffia Recycling Washing Line, PE/PP bottles/buckets/lumps Recycling Washing Machine, PET bottle Recycling Washing Line, etc.

In pursuit of offering each customer high quality suitable machines, we warmly welcome customers come to our factory for a visit! Thanks.