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  • Plastic Granulator Machine
    Plastic Granulator Machine Description and Features

    This plastic granulator machine for waste plastic recycling is used to make plastic flakes into pellet or granule. Plastic granulator applicable plastic Material (PP,LDPE,LLDPE,HDPE,BOPP) Recycled Grinded Plastic / Plastic material from agglomerator / Grinded plas......

  • Plastic Granulator
    Plastic Granulator Features and Maintenance of Common Faults

    Plastic Granulator Features: After the plastic is added into the hopper, the hopper smoothly falls onto the screw and is bitten by the screw thread. As the rotation of the screw is forced by the thread to the nose, it forms a mechanical conveying process. When the......

  • Plastic granules market in 2018

    Polyolefins generally out of V market in 2017, the first half of the expected demand bubble burst, the price pressure drops, prices bottomed out in the second half rebound, but the off-season is not short, the peak season. In 2018, the apparent growth of demand fo......

  • PP PE granules / Plastic Granulator

    Futures rose sharply yesterday, boosting the spot obvious, but the real volume is limited. The current futures game is still, the market wait and see mood diminished. Limited stock circulation coupled with rising prices of petrochemical plants, the market is relat......

  • PE Production in Russia 2017 / PE recycling machinery

    According to MRC data, we can see that in the first 11 months of 2017, the volume of PE production in Russia reached about 1,547,400 tons, up 0.5% over the same period last year. Russia’s PE output in November rose to about 130,000 tons, the previous month (......

  • Plastic Machinery 2017

    Near the end of December, China’s plastics machinery industry also have to usher in the moment, in 2017 the marketing situation of plastic machinery enterprises will be clear. Combined with the available data, we can simply understand the actual situation of......

  • Plastic Granules Import,Plastic granulator

    According to statistics of Ningbo Customs, from January to November, the total volume of import and export of Ningbo amounted to 688.97 billion yuan, up 22.9% over the same period of last year; among which, the import was 236.09 billion yuan, up by 39.9%, and the ......

  • Plastic recycling future / Plastic recycling machinery

    “Green” has become China’s current and future development of the theme, to this end, a ban on imports of solid waste, the environmental protection inspection, tax inspection and a series of a series of environmental policies and regulations succe......

  • Plastic granules import problem / plastic granultor

    The waste is forbidden to be imported, and domestic environmental protection is strictly checked.Where does the raw material come from in the downstream plastics industry?How do I get to the path?Become the biggest problem at present.  1. Supervision of imported r......

  • Dangerous goods relocation enterprises / Plastic recycling

    November 8, Shandong Province Chemical Industry Park identified the training meeting held in Shandong Province by the Commission on Inspectors Wang Chaoying revealed that since July after the special operations of chemical remediation carried out, the province fou......

  • Chinese plastic machine export to the United States / Plastic recycling machine

    Recently, China plastics machinery industry association released the first three quarters of 2017 China plastic machinery industry overview.In September, according to data from 2017-1, plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises above designated size in our countr......

  • Waste Plastic Price In 2018 / Plastic recycling

    According to the assessment of the International Bureau of Revenue, which is headquartered in Brussels, after China has promulgated a ban on the import of overseas waste, the import of waste plastics in China may plunge to below half of its normal level next year.......

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