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Dangerous goods relocation enterprises / Plastic recycling

November 8, Shandong Province Chemical Industry Park identified the training meeting held in Shandong Province by the Commission on Inspectors Wang Chaoying revealed that since July after the special operations of chemical remediation carried out, the province found a total of about 103,000 potential safety hazards, the completion of remediation About 76,000, rectification rate reached 74.1%. Turn off the conversion of chemical production enterprises 558, cut off the production of 2109.
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In light of the fact that the chemical industry in Shandong Province is big but not strong and its environmental pollution and safety problems are serious, Shandong Province has accelerated the deployment of the province’s chemical industry safety production transformation since June. The first step in the transition is to rectify potential safety problems and improve safety standards.


In the future, Shandong Chemical Special Operations Office will continue to push forward the “big and strict” emergency operation in depth. Organize the “look back” on the implementation of rectification and rectification of problems identified in the previous period, and implement “closed-loop” management of problems and hidden dangers so that Change to make changes. Strengthen the management of hazardous chemicals manufacturing enterprises, strengthen the management of transport links and strengthen the supervision and inspection of special equipment for hazardous chemicals.
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For chemical companies into the park, park will be identified as a starting point, to promote. It is understood that at present, the park finds that the preparatory work has been completed, and immediately after the meeting should be put into work to start a comprehensive assessment of the park and enterprises into the park to work. According to the request of the State Council, small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises with major risks may start relocation and transformation before the end of 2018, and will be completed before the end of 2020. All other large-scale enterprises and large-sized enterprises will start their relocation and transformation before the end of 2020 and will be completed before the end of 2025. And Wang Chaoying said that suitable for enterprises to enter the park, Shandong Province, cities and counties (cities, districts) to develop and implement a good policy of a firm relocation plan, a clear time and schedule of relocation, accelerate the implementation of the end of 2018 in principle completed Urban population-intensive areas hazardous chemicals manufacturing relocation, conversion or closure of work.

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