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Micro Plastics News

Micro Plastics, refers to a diameter of less than 5 mm plastic particles or debris is an emerging environmental problem facing the ocean. Although most marine, including plastics, trash is migrating through rivers into the sea, but how micro plastic into rivers and affect the river ecosystem is poorly understood. Loyola University (LoyolaUniversityChicago) previous studies, researchers found that the sewage treatment plant in river water downstream than upstream micro plastic. Based on the previous findings, the researchers conducted a follow-up study, they measured the effect of Illinois sewage treatment plant micro-city of 10 plastic content of rivers, water and sewage treatment plants, sludge and effluent micro plastic concentration.
The study found that although previous estimates suggest that the interception of the sewage treatment plant more than 90% of the micro-plastic, but plastic micro with treated wastewater is released into the river every day of the total amount is still significant, and each day sewage treatment plant the number of micro-plastic 15000 – 45000 (fine particles). In Rivers, the sewage treatment plant is an important source of 80 percent of the rivers in the micro-plastic, regardless of the size and type of the size of the river or sewage treatment plant. In each river, the flow out from the sewage treatment plant micro-plastic gathered bacterial community, which is likely greater than the bacteria found in the rivers of the potential hazards. In addition, micro-plastics can not only stay for a long time in the ecosystem, and often long-distance migration. The researchers found out from the sewage treatment plant micro-plastic deposited in rivers.

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