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Plastic Granulator Machine Description and Features

This plastic granulator machine for waste plastic recycling is used to make plastic flakes into pellet or granule.
Plastic granulator applicable plastic Material (PP,LDPE,LLDPE,HDPE,BOPP)
Recycled Grinded Plastic / Plastic material from agglomerator / Grinded plastic film
This machines mainly used for common plastic pelletizing.

Plastic Granulator Machine
Features of Plastic Granulator:
Excellent at recycling plastic films and sheets, e.g. PE & PP sheets, knitted bags and fibers.
Scissor blades are designed for better cutting efficiency.
The gap between rotary and fixed blades is adjustable.
Motor overload protector, isolation switch and safety switch protect machine and operator.
Suction blower and storage tank can be optionally integrated as a recycling system.