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Plastic granules import problem / plastic granultor

The waste is forbidden to be imported, and domestic environmental protection is strictly checked.Where does the raw material come from in the downstream plastics industry?How do I get to the path?Become the biggest problem at present. 

1. Supervision of imported renewable particles according to general raw materials

In the policy process, although for waste plastic has the ban, but the plastic renewable particles, there is no obvious limitation, on imported grain is big, many plastic enterprises to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries import renewable particles. 

On May 27, 2014, China plastic waste plastics association proposed “three unified” supervision methods, which made the majority of plastic recycled particles regulated by general raw materials, and did not follow solid waste management. 

The “three unified” will be made into the primary shape of the goods in accordance with: the unified color of the batches, the uniform particle size, the uniform packaging of recycled plastic particles, and not regulated by the solid waste method. 

The proposal has been adopted by the department of customs supervision and the ministry of environmental protection.On May 30, the supervision department of the general administration of customs sent a special urgent document to the guangdong branch and the customs, and the import of recycled plastic particles was further clarified as follows:

1. Made of waste plastics processing primary form of recycled plastic granules, batches of import goods if with the same color, particle size and shape is consistent, packaging, and meet the plastic material or product related specifications and standards, can not in accordance with the regulation of solid waste. 

2. In the process of supervision, the suspected solid waste of recycled plastic particles should be identified by solid waste property. 

2. The regenerated plastic particles have great advantages

Big demand.Waste plastics in China association executive director Mr Huang Chuqi said: “before 2017, China imported waste PE film more than 200 ten thousand tons a year, after the ban, the huge raw material gap need to supplement for a long time.” 

The demand of granule granule, tube and so on is relatively large.“At present, the recycled particles sold to the mainland are mostly PE and PET, with about 5 million tons.In addition, PES, PS, ABS and tons of bags are sold very well.“Said huang. 

Prices are low.Baoding, the import and export trade co., LTD., general manager Ms. Tian is introduced, they as dealers from southeast Asian countries imported plastic renewable particles, imported species for HDPE, plastic renewable particles is much cheaper than new material is 1000 yuan RMB. 

It’s environmentally friendly.It is a great direction for the industry to transfer the production of recycled grain to the mainland.It can make up for the shortage of raw materials, avoid pollution problems, and enjoy the VAT exemption policy. 

3. Precautions for import of recycled plastic particles

Recently, a company with import black plastic particles attribute uncertainty by fuzhou customs seizure, eventually sent to the shenzhen entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau industrial detection technology center of renewable raw materials inspection testing lab, unskillful and solid waste properties. 

So here the author remind enterprise imports, imports of renewable particles in addition to meet the “three line”, to prove the goods can meet the related specifications of the plastic material, product or product requirements of relevant norms and standards “. 

The best, in the process of customs clearance, prepare a goods to spare, will require manufacturers to provide the goods physical properties related to testing table, showing the goods to be able to meet the requirements of the contract signed by both sides. 

Attributes to identify the current domestic solid waste agency, a total of three: China environmental science research institute of solid waste pollution control technology research institute, China customs laboratory, shenzhen entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau industrial detection technology center of renewable raw materials inspection testing lab. 

Identification of solid waste time period is longer, so remind enterprises, must be strictly implemented according to the relevant provisions of the customs, for enterprise concern the noise material declaration, the customs will be carried out in accordance with the solid waste regulation, please note when customs clearance.

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