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Plastic Machinery 2017

Near the end of December, China’s plastics machinery industry also have to usher in the moment, in 2017 the marketing situation of plastic machinery enterprises will be clear. Combined with the available data, we can simply understand the actual situation of some domestic presses in the past year.

“Novel” Development of China Plastic Machinery Industry 2017
Road unclear, that unknown, only to prove the data
In October, the import and export trade surplus of China plastic machinery reached 23.91 million U.S. dollars, with the export value increasing by 9% over the same period of last year. The growth rate of injection molding machines, extruders and blow molding machines both increased compared with the same period of previous year, and the growth rate of extruders reached 49%. In the first three quarters, the export volume of plastic machine equipment increased by 19% and 11% respectively. Except for the major developing countries such as Vietnam, China’s plastics machinery and equipment also started to show their presence in the European and American markets. In particular, The U.S. market is growing rapidly. Among them, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extruders, calendaring machines and blow molding machines are the main exporters, accounting for 86% of the total export volume.
From this point of view, we can see that the overall development trend of plastic machinery in our country is on the whole favorable and the overall level of output, sales and exports are steadily growing steadily. Foreign media analysis of the plastic machine market in the European market, Japan and European companies at the same level, compared to the Chinese inland enterprises, Taiwanese companies are also more popular. For the Chinese presses, foreign media think that the overall pattern of China presses in a low price, quality doubtful status, but the level of China’s plastics machinery to maintain a positive attitude.
One breath can not eat fat, as long as our country presses machine science and technology innovation path, and gradually narrow the gap between the international cutting-edge technology is their best return, catch up with others is only a matter of time.
Environmental protection, it is not a thing
The most worrying thing for the plastics industry in 2017 is environmental protection. This year, environmental protection is even more obvious. The ban introduced by the state also indicates the turmoil in the plastics industry for the coming year. As the upstream industry of plastic industry, the plastic machine industry will inevitably be affected.
However, without worrying about the plastic machinery itself, our machine a few years ago has already begun to optimize the design and innovation of machinery and equipment. Many companies have been able to independently develop and manufacture energy-saving plastic machinery to save energy and resources in terms of electricity, water and materials. The most representative is Haitian Plastic Machinery, whose energy-saving plastic presses account for 28.9% of the global market Share, for the company’s profit growth and occupy the global market share has provided tremendous help.
There is also with the “green” hot topic of recycled plastics machinery. Environment to create demand, demand and create opportunities. Whether the plastics industry is an important part of the manufacturing industry or a product that people can not really avoid, it means that in the short term it can not withdraw from the stage of human history. In order to better develop the social economy, and protect the environment, waste plastic recycling is an important way out.
Waste plastics washing machines, sorting machines, crushers and drying equipment are all important machinery manufactured and manufactured in the industry. As a large plastics consuming country, China faces more serious problems of plastic pollution, more pressure and more pressure on management . As a new type of industry in China’s plastic machine industry, even if China’s plastic waste recycling system is not perfect, there are tremendous business opportunities and economic benefits. It can be said that “everywhere is gold.”
Looking forward to 2018, pull up his sleeves to dry
2017 is coming to an end. The presses and presses will have their own “sweet, sour, salty and salty” tastes throughout the year. With these flavors, we can look back on warnings or introspection, but not lose or lose. 2018 is coming, the new year is a new departure, plastic machine companies to integrate 2017 market conditions and dynamics, their own strengths and weaknesses, planning for the coming year’s development plan.
For now, the presses industry will continue to focus on intellectual, energy-saving, environmental protection and innovation and development, therefore, enterprises need to cater to government policies and plans, and actively carry out in-depth development, according to their own strength to speed up the process of internationalization of enterprises to promote China’s plastic machinery The overall level of the industry towards the world’s cutting-edge field!

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