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Plastic recycling future / Plastic recycling machinery

“Green” has become China’s current and future development of the theme, to this end, a ban on imports of solid waste, the environmental protection inspection, tax inspection and a series of a series of environmental policies and regulations successively, and intensify the supervision and inspection, this undoubtedly give industrial enterprises, especially the extensive development of the enterprise with past ‘. 

China’s environmental clean-up has been driven by a number of different levels of renewable plastics manufacturers.If environmental clean up shut down small factory and family workshops, “ban waste solution” is directly affect the supply of the large-scale renewable particles factory, the whole regeneration granulation imported waste plastics industry. 

The collapse of the recycled plastic industry has made the price rise a trend that has become the norm.The people on the purchase chain have a shortage of the goods on one side, the manufacturer under the purchase chain, while holding the order, there is no raw material.It’s probably the most anxious thing that you can’t get the goods. 

For green mountains and green water, how should waste plastics enterprises plan ahead to achieve sustainable green development? 

Wang wenguang, executive vice President and secretary-general of shenzhen macromolecule industry association:

Now, people in the industry are concerned about the import of waste plastics. From 2018, solid waste plastics must go through, break, clean and make plastic particles before they can be imported into China. 

This “import waste plastic ban” will affect domestic modified plastics industry, otherwise these companies can undertake import waste plastic granulation work, but now this part of the job needs by foreign modified plastics factory to complete. 

Mr. Wang believes that environmental protection will not escape after all. It is suggested that enterprises should make environmental planning measures in the early stages of production, and don’t wait for the environmental tax to come before they start to act. 

“In the process of plastic processing, enterprises can control from the front end.For example, water-based ink, adhesives and paint are used to reduce the use of small molecular plastic auxiliaries.In the back-end control, the emission of pollutants such as VOC should be organized. 

Previous media reports have suggested that environmental inspectors and bans on plastic imports have led to higher prices for recycled plastic.According to incomplete statistics, from April till now, the national renewable plastics industry has been adjusted several times, and the maximum increase of EPS is 2000 yuan/ton. 

China petroleum and chemical industry association of China

The high intensity of environmental policy has had a great impact on our petrochemical industry.The market is relatively standardized, and the price of products is a little bit higher. It is no longer the low price competition, and the enterprise benefits are also increased accordingly.However, some local environmental protection ‘one-size-fits-all’ phenomenon is serious, and there is no reasonable assessment of some products’ emission and exhaust gas problems. 

Wang yimin gives some advice to the enterprise: “for this environmental enhancement policy, the benefits are still the big enterprises that regulate.I suggest that companies should pay more attention to environmental protection and strictly abide by national laws.In addition, it is suggested that enterprises should increase the power of scientific and technological innovation. Without technological innovation, there is no profit and no profit without money to be environmentally friendly.

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