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PP PE granules / Plastic Granulator

Futures rose sharply yesterday, boosting the spot obvious, but the real volume is limited. The current futures game is still, the market wait and see mood diminished. Limited stock circulation coupled with rising prices of petrochemical plants, the market is relatively strong, but due to the actual plate with a limited, light trading atmosphere in the market, the overall forecast today, the PP market finishing high. To East China market, for example, Yuyao market drawing mainstream price 9300-9350 yuan / ton. 2017 new production capacity of 1.96 million tons, is expected by the end of 2017 total domestic PP production capacity will reach 22.02 million tons, from January to November 2017 a total of 16.665 million tons, an increase of 17.81 million tons or 1.08% over the previous year (16.4869 million tons). January-November 2017 imported a total of 289,600 tons, an increase of 7.33% over last year. From January to November 2017, the total export volume was 276,800 tons, an increase of 23.63% over the same period of last year. As of December 27 as the United States refinery crude oil processing volume increased, the international crude oil price approached 60 US dollars a barrel mark. Coupled with the stocking needs of downstream terminals before the Spring Festival, to stimulate the enthusiasm of buyers speculation. Hainan refinery PP plant on November 20 began to stop overhaul plan in 2018 January to resume production. Sinochem Quanzhou refinery PP plant (200,000 tons / year) on December 1 parking maintenance, is expected to resume production in January. And from January onwards, demand or with the Spring Festival approaching and exacerbated the decline. January PP market or there is downside, but based on cost support, or a steady pattern of weak. Among them, Datang International Duolun Coal Chemical PP plant two lines with a total capacity of 460,000 tons / year. One of the first line (230,000 tons / year) on December 11 for an accident parking; second-line (230,000 tons / year) on December 19th parking maintenance; two-lane car to be determined.

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