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Waste Plastic Price In 2018 / Plastic recycling

According to the assessment of the International Bureau of Revenue, which is headquartered in Brussels, after China has promulgated a ban on the import of overseas waste, the import of waste plastics in China may plunge to below half of its normal level next year. In a recent announcement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection on August 16 that the Catalog of Imported Waste Management (2017) should be released, the waste plastic (8 varieties) from living sources was changed from “a solid that limits the importation of raw materials Waste Catalog “adjustment included in the” banned imports of solid waste directory. ” The industrial sources of waste plastics are attributed to the import restrictions. According to the customs data, at present imports of PP, PE waste attributable to 3915909000 and 3915100000 two tariff numbers, January-June 2017 imports were 86.6 and 1,218,000 tons; and PP waste in other waste plastics (3915909000) the tariff number Accounting for less than 60% of the first half of the PP, PE new material table to be 1147 tons and 1320 tons respectively. Therefore, PP, PE imported waste accounted for about 4.5% of the new material table and 9%. In its October 19 statement, IRA conducted a special assessment of the implementation of the ban announced by China in July and its possible impact on the market next year. “China’s imports may be reduced to 30-40% of normal levels next year, and overseas suppliers must find an alternative location for about 67,000 tons of plastic waste,” said Recycling Bureau Plastics Council Chairman and Antwerp Recycling Company, Belgium, executive Surendra Borad Patawari said. “In 2016, China and Hong Kong imported a total of 10.2 million tons of plastic waste – but this number will plummet next year,” he said. The group issued a statement after an industry conference in India in mid-October saying it has received a report from the China Waste Plastics Association that Chinese government officials have confirmed they will continue to issue import licenses in 2018. However, the Bureau of International Recycling stated that the license update only grants Chinese recycling companies “no violation records and full compliance with environmental regulations.” The ban on permits has become a key regulatory component of the new China regulation, with industry officials closely monitoring their implementation. The Bureau of International Recycling, representing 70 countries that recycle trade associations, including 800 companies, said the Chinese rules have a huge impact on pricing. “The value of certain materials shipped in containers has fallen to zero, and in some cases even negative,” the International Recovery Agency said. “On the contrary, the price of domestic plastic waste in China has risen 20-30% after a shortage.” There is evidence that the China ban is boosting the domestic market, the Bureau of International Recovery said. For example, the association said the Sharif Group, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, released a report saying that “many exporters in the Arab region have found alternative markets in China and the prices of local scrap have risen.” A spokesman from India reported that the ban in China could be So that its domestic recovery rate increased to 22 percentage points higher than the current. Indian companies also said the country needs to recycle more vigorously in the “formal” sectors, and the current situation is that informal, unregistered companies have recovered 80% of their polyethylene and polypropylene. The International Bureau of Recycling estimates that India imports only about 150,000 metric tons of plastic per year, less than 2% of imports from mainland China and Hong Kong. A general manager of a French recycling company said the ban in China has already allowed the recovery of some of the low-density polyethylene film collected in Europe from Asia to processing plants in Portugal and Spain.

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